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Sufi Prayer Meditation by Prem Amit

This meditation technique offers a powerful method to connect yourself with the cosmos and feel the immense strength rising out of this meeting.
As you go on with the 3 stages of this meditation You simply allow yourself to go into the practice and become a vehicle to allow the divine energy to unite. This merging with energy is PRAYER. It changes you and when you change the whole existence changes.

Osho Says "Prayer simply means gratitude, thankfulness. It is not a demand, it is not a desire. And if you desire anything, then it is not prayer"
“Meditation is an adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be, not doing anything--no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are and it is a sheer delight. From where does this delight come when you are not doing anything? It comes from nowhere, or it comes from everywhere. It is uncaused, because existense

Prem Amit is a Certified meditation facilitator from Osho International Meditation Resort based in Pune, He has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops since 5 years in various countries. He is also a ceritified Hypnotherapist, a Sound healer. He has deep interests in Sufi meditation practices and also Tantra practices.He also takes individual and group sessions for Meditations, mindfulness, relaxation, Stress relief, Anger Management, Emotional well being.

Bookings are essential.
please call 0565342899 for bookings.

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