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Flowering of the Feminine - Sisterhood Workshop Level 1

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There is lack of Sisterhood , Women for Women support in the world.Do women support other women? Or do they see each other as a competitor and are furtively looking for the chance to let the other down? Consumed by their insecurities, women compete with each other, creating a weakness in society and a gap to fill in negativity which often leads to higher objectification of themselves.How about a change? How about using our wonderful supportive powers for each other? Let us remind ourselves of who we are as individuals, complete and beautiful in all our strengths and vulnerabilities. Let us strengthen our cores so that we can strengthen other women. Rise above the conditioning of suppressed culture and motivate each other. Let us embrace our true selves and emerge as fulfilled women, growing under the care of each other

Description :When a woman feels empowered she can empower others.
By attending this workshop you will have a possibility:
• to reconnect with your feminine essence
• to learn how to express your unique feminine nature
• to empower connection with your intuition
• to learn how to deal with jealousy and competition in relationships with other women
• to experience the support and sisterhood in woman’s circle
• to learn how to live in acceptance, abundance & aliveness

Tools and methods we will use: Flowering the Feminine are highly interactive workshops ,that works on encouraging women to aspire to be themselves, in a safe environment peeling off all the layers of conditionings from primal to societal, parental to religious and enabling them to reconnect with themselves. Various Osho’s meditations & Tarot,, techniques for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual de-conditioning and empowerment are employed in these workshops to help women realize their true self like Primal therapy, Family constellations, Gestalt therapy, Meditations from the Vigyan bhirav tantra, Deep relaxation, Body Awarness, Vegan nutrition & Coaching etc.

Reconnect to your Femininity and live freely. Say “Yes!” to Life.

Dress code: Relaxed Clothing in Shades of Purple and pink.

Energy Exchange: 530 AED

Lite Snacks will be served.

Booking is essential
please call 0565342899 for bookings.