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Osho Rebalancing Bodywork

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Osho rebalancing is a bodywork system that is a synthesis of deep tissue work including Rolfing and Postural Integration, softer work, such as Neo Reichian and Alexander and joint Release work such as tragering. The important extra magical ingredient of Rebalancing is the influence of Osho, as the work was developed and integrated under his guidance in the 70’s and is properly known as Osho Rebalancing.

Osho Rebalancing regards our body as a gift of tremendous value, not as a mechanism to be put right. This dynamic hands-on-approach allows us to free ourselves of old structures and to become more energized and alive. It is an in-depth journey into the body, mind complex. For the body exists in present time.

However those parts of our body that are uncomfortable, painful, or out of our awareness have a link to our past. There is “unfinished business” held in our body-mind and expressed in that part of our body. So the work is to complete the business, to bring that  part to the present. Wherever there is a part of our life that we have not lived, that impulse not followed, that feeling not felt, we store the “unfinished” energy in our bodies that isolate it from the rest of our body with a layer, or shell of fear. This capsule of fear needs to be respected. This is best done in a climate of love and acceptance. Yet, the body is the easiest to change.

In Osho Rebalancing we use touch and inner awareness to free these physical blocks. We work deeply and primarily on the body – on the musculature, with deep connective tissue manipulation, and on the bones and the joints.

As the muscles and bones relax, many psychological and emotional issues become easier to watch, and allow more open expression. This watchfulness and sensitivity in turn affects the body and helps to discover new movement and energy potentials. The body can relax even deeper.

Recognizing that life is an ongoing process, there is no “set number of individual rebalancing sessions”.Rebalancing is a verb not a noun. It is recommended in the beginning to experience at least 10 sessions, and then periodically have additional series of 3 to 5 sessions, although sessions can also be booked individually.

We will be offering only 3 sessions with Mrida Luthra, please contact soon to save your spot. 

About your therapist Mrida R Luthra

Mrida is a facilitator for Personal Development Courses. Mrida supports people to resolve conflicts at workplaces and their individual lives through highly-evolved techniques like corporate constellations and family constellations. A Rolfing (rebalancing body work) expert for 15 years, she uses her healing touch to support her clients to unblock emotional holding patterns, reduce stress and chronic pain.

A certified clinical Hypnotherapist & Past-life regression therapist, Mrida is also trained in relationship counselling and has been facilitating meditations. She undertakes workshops in Chakra balancing and Crystal healing therapy.

She frequently works with Osho Meditation Resorts and has been a professional across Mumbai, London and Europe. Her clientele comprises people from different parts of the world, with whom she has been sharing her work on the path of inner awareness. Her approach is simple, yet direct.