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Flowering of the Feminine - Women Circle

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We invite you to transforming and liberating journey during which you will reconnect with your feminine fire, grace, love & wisdom.
When woman’s innate qualities are rarely used or acknowledged, they may remain underdeveloped. As a result, she functions and communicates less satisfactorily, used and abused than she would like, feeling needy, off-center, confused, dependent, unfulfilled and weak.
When a woman can love herself for who she is, everything else in her life becomes better and even falls into place; all aspects of her life will change, including her relationships with her partner, the other women, family, friends and business associates.
Now more than ever women are needed to lead from a place of inner strength, wisdom and intuition; to bring all of who we are as women – our leadership, creativity, depth of spirit and practicality – into everything we do; living a life that is complete and content.

Meditation Coach & Transformation Therapist - Veechi Shahi and
Family constellation and Body Work Therapist - Mrida Luthra.

Depending on the space we can take around 20 Participants + 2 facilitators + 2 assistants.

This women circle is to reconnect with the inner love, light & trust in each one of us. In this circle with Osho Meditation we will learn to melt in Silence, Share and Support the Feminine Qualities of each other. we bond to feel the power of Collective Women Consciousness - Our Wisdom, Freedom & Energy. We will experience the subtle and yet powerful force of divine mother within and in collective, guiding us intuitively to let go of the tensions, to surrender and be in the natural feminine flow and grace. Meditation session is followed by women sharing. 

Dress Code: Relaxed clothing in white.

Energy exchange : 350 AED

Snacks /Tea or Fruit is included.

please call 0565342899 for bookings.

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