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Alchemic Healing Meditation

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? As if you are feeling uncomfortable in your body? 
Or are you feeling unable to be yourself? Perhaps there is a sense of being un-grounded, confused with thoughts that don't seem to be yours playing in your head? 
Or maybe your body seems to be acting up giving you an uncomfortable sense of pain?

The body responds to the dominant thoughts and emotions that are active in your consciousness with certain organs of the body directly impacted by your thoughts and beliefs related to particular areas of your life. As a being of energy, you can also pick-up the energy of others as well as the energy of situations that we are confronted throughout your day which makes you act unlike your natural self.

The Alchemic Healing meditation helps you to connect with Divine healing energy that helps to clear stuck and stagnant energy that is impacting your energy centers, known as the Chakras, and restores the flow of energy through the body, mind, heart and soul to its natural state which brings about a feeling of ease and wellbeing.

Earlier Event: August 22
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