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Yoga & Sound Healing journey with Ana & Renato

Come to experience a special 1:30h journey going deeper in all aspects of ourselves (physical, mental, energetic and spiritual) 
The Initial part will be a special Hatha Yoga flow suitable for all, doing basic and profound physical postures designed to release a proper energy flow within the body while focusing on your breath and connecting your mind to the practice, what will allow you to a deeper perception of the sensations of the body, of your energy and of the flow of thoughts. 
The focus is to make the energy flow from your foot up to your head (from the lower chakras to upper chakras) cleansing and releasing all the energy channels of the body. 
The whole experience will be a unique guided meditation adding the sound and vibration of the Tibetan bowls that will take you into a deeper relaxation, further relaxing your body and mind, and allowing yourself to release deeper emotions and the healing to happen, creating more balance and awareness to your whole being.

This is a 90minutes class with Renato and Ana.
energy exchange: 150AED per person and booking is essential.