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The Art of Connection & True Abundance (double workshop)

Two transformative workshops together in one weekend!
The Art of Connection & True Abundance with Bart Smyth

2-day course price per person: 1950AED (lunch included).

Be prepared for an extraordinary weekend opportunity to deepen and open up new possibilities and adventures for your life to upgrade. Life ‘n One is proud to host world-renowned master shamanic healer Bart Smyth to hold his two signature workshop together in one weekend.
The Art of Connection: Everything in life is about relationship. Whether it’s your partner, children, friends, boss, co-worker, pets, nature, and of course yourself. How to have communicative, respectful, drama-less, passionate, fun and exhilarating freedom in all relationships, so you can have the energy to fully experience your life without imposed limitations? The workshop is going to help us to find peace and reconciliation with everybody and everything that surround us.
True Abundance is right for you if; you know you are not living full on emotionally, spiritually and mentally. You ever think that you are missing out on opportunities. You felt like time is running out to get your life to the next level to live your full potential. You are tired of having blocks or negative influences that hold you back. You would like to redesign your unconscious thought processes that are deeply embedded from your past.
All our issues and challenges are from our thoughts that are generated from places known and also unknown. The processes in this workshop will shatter the glass ceiling of illusion that have kept you bound to old stigmas and unproductive habits.
Bart will address the deeper wounding that is energetically bound up in your conscious and unconscious mind which effects every relationship you have. This focus is key to unwinding patterns that are stuck.
Each person works one on one with Bart for 2 sessions up to 1 hour each. This alone brings extraordinary results, and, by being present to others as they work, an alchemical transformation occurs as you will have many discovery moments. The group energy is part of the process as you are immersed and filled with wonderful realizations and upgrades.
This remarkable, transformational course has been delivered in 5 countries, in 4 different cultures since it’s creation over 12 years ago. Through time and experience and from its inception True Abundance has been heralded as life changing.
Combining both course is an adventure in self-discovery where you realize that in each moment, you have related and responded perfectly. Discover a deeper level of trust and forgiveness of yourself and others. Discover more about yourself than what may seem possible in just 2 days! This course is highly interactive and with very deep personalized processing with Bart and therefore space is limited to only 19 people.