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Body Reading Workshop

Body Reading Workshop with Nir Levy

Saturday June 10 & Saturday June 17; between 10am - 6pm
Price per person: 950AED (lunch included).

Join us in this workshop and we will try to bring back a forgotten knowledge that humans are caring for millions of years. The body reading knowledge comes from the Tibetan culture and the Tao way, combined with an understanding knowledge of human evolution and human behavior. In this course, Nir Levy will teach us, an evaluation method with a different point of view. This evaluation will allow us to sharpen our viewing and listening abilities people around us. And also it will help therapists to choose the right treatment process for their clients.
We will understand the idea of a blockage in the body and practice methods of how to release it. We will practice the system of the perspective healing process that will lead us to a relative balanced life.
Nir Levy combines the best of ancient body reading methods, advocating for a holistic approach to well-being: the person is considered an entity which includes the mind and emotions, and a dynamic system. The method he is applying Anma – Ampuku combines deep physical work (massage of the muscles, tendons and ligaments), which boosts energy and removes tension, with a more psychological approach that determines the roots of problems or ailments that affect health. 
This course is especially recommended for therapists, yoga & pilates teachers, or people who want to deepen their yoga practice.

Space is limited to 20 people.