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Inner Dance - Private Sessions 13-30 June

Inner Dance is a powerful healing modality rooted in ancient Filipino shamanic tradition that Pi Villaraza (Flordeliza’s mentor and Inner Dance global founder) has anchored during his 2 years of spiritual pilgrimage and profound awakening living as a hermit on coconut diet. It is a transformative self-awakening inward process that expands one’s sense of consciousness and heightened inner awareness of body, mind and emotion as Energy. It connects you deeper to your birth vision and who you are offering a space of honest dialogue with yourself in objectivity and love as you witness the stories, old patterns, misguided beliefs and stuck emotions held within the body. It allows alignment, raises vibration, shifts perspectives, accelerates one’s spiritual journey and transformation and liberation of the self as well as collectively. It awakens the inner teacher and inner healer accessing the vast intelligence that runs through us all that naturally awakens the awareness to the inter-connectedness of all. 

Inner Dance is not ‘’dance’’ as we typically know but a Sound healing journey using music arranged to influence brainwave states, channelled voice, additional live shamanic instruments, inquiry and intuitive touch combined with the energy that flows through the facilitator offering a strong process of release, surrender and healing in a sacred and safe space of trust and allowance. Everyone's experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, insightful or blissful. It begins with lying down on the mat and as the experience is different every time and for everyone, once the inner source is accessed, the energy might build up creating tremendous energetic movement within the physical and emotional body or the body might remain still yet experience vast amount of inner dialogue, realizations and insights. 


Flordeliza creates a safe and sacred space and the session begins with sharing your intention and concerns on what needs attention in your current state of being or whatever reason Inner Dance has called you. After an explanation of the process, the participant will be guided to lie down and relax into the space and fully go inward. By using a music playlist (that correspond to specific brainwaves), inquiries, essential oils, intuitive touch, channeled singing and live shamanic instruments, Flordeliza will help you drop into the deep space of surrender, trust, release, healing and activations. Everyone's journey is different and every journey takes you deeper into your inner wisdom and more expansive into your consciousness that then can lead to a sustainable way of being. 

Price is 700 AED (up to 2 hours per session)