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Shamanic Healing Sound Concert and Light Code Transmissions

June 13, 7pm
Name: Shamanic Healing Sound Concert and Light Code Transmissions. 

We are very happy to announce that Flordeliza is back in the city for a while. Join her in an evening of healing, shamanic sounds, sacred frequencies, earth vibrations, channeled voice, light language and mantras together with crystal bowl, Bali Priest bell, singing bowls, medicine drum, mouth harp, didgeridoo and other shamanic instruments. Be open to receive sound and light code activations as you journey into dreamtime and expanded states while being held in a deep space of love and harmony allowing recalibration and alignment within the many levels and aspects of the body, heart, mind and spirit. Surrender as you travel within in this experience and you will either heal, release, receive activations, relax, sing or dance depending on what you allow and ready for.

Flordeliza Amore Pesigan is a Sound, Dance, Art Alchemist sharing Shamanic healing practices, Ceremonies, Sound healing, 5 Elements activation, Movement therapy, Reiki, Light Code transmissions, Voice activations, Akashic Records reading and Self-awakening Inner Dance journeys. She lives and holds healing and transformative creative journeys in different countries.

Price: 120aed.