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Inner Dance Group Healing

Inner Dance with Flordeliza

Journey into the remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of body, mind and emotion as Energy. It is a space for an honest dialogue with yourself with objectivity and love as you witness the stories, old patterns, misguided beliefs and stuck emotions held within the body allowing alignment, raising vibration, shifting perspectives and awakening into liberation.

Inner Dance is not "dance" as we typically know but is a transformative self-awakening inward process that expands one’s sense of consciousness. It's a sound healing journey using music (arranged to influence brainwave states of the mind), inquiry and intuitive touch in a sacred and safe space of trust and allowance. Flordeliza adds her channeled singing and live shamanic instruments to the process. Everyone's experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, insightful, chatartic or blissful. It begins with lying down on the mat and the body might remain still the entire process or move and surrender with the energy. 

Price: 250 AED

Limited space so please book your spot with Life 'n One Dubai