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The Golden Technique of Anma Ampuku


The Anma Ampuku Therapy is one of the most elaborated systems exist, it holds many different techniques that help treating different ailments of the physical body and the emotional body.

An – pressing Ma – rubbing
Known also in the traditional name “A relaxed arm movement”.
The Anma is one of the oldest healing arts in the world, the art originated in China 5000 years ago; It is based on the philosophy of Taoism, the model of “Yin and Yang” and the Chinese “5 elements theory”.
Anma is based on “traditional Chinese medicine”. The therapist is using different kinds of stimulation techniques on the Qi points, which are located on the meridian system of the body. The therapist will use a large variety of exercises and stretches on all parts of the body. The main purpose of the work is to stimulate the Qi points, and release muscle tension, to create energy movement in the meridians system of the body. And also to create a better blood circulation and Qi circulation, all that in order to improve the body’s ability to heal itself.
The Anma can be used as a preventive treatment, or to treat problems such as: headaches, cold, asthma, numbness in the body, high and low blood pressure, digestive problems, breathing problems, gynecological problems, insomnia and sexual difficulties.

Ampuku: The Art of the Abdomen:
The word Ampuku means “The Pulse of the Hara” or “Calming the Abdomen” The Ampuku is a corporal treatment combined with a verbal communication; the corporal work concentrates in the “Hara”, the energetic center of the body, located in the abdomen.
There are two major methods of Ampuku, the physiological method that treats the pathologies of the body, and the emotional method who deals with the roots of the pathologies, manifesting the energetic blockages and the emotional difficulties.
The traditional Ampuku has been created in Japan 400 years ago by the legendary master Ota; Ota used the abdominal work of the traditional Anma as the base for the Ampuku. His idea was to create a balance in the basic Qi energy of the abdomen, in order to improve the function of the internal organs and to contribute to the general health and harmony of the body.
The emotional method of the Ampuku connects the imbalance of the body with the blockages that humans had built during their life. Those blockages create the molds which create the diseases in the body. The Ampuku helps starting a personal process that will replace those molds.
Humans are addicted to their disease, and even if humans consciously want to let the disease go and get healthier, their subconscious fights against this will. In the Ampuku therapy, we are dealing with this gap, between the subconscious and the conscious. We try to help the person to create movement in his life, and to let go the addiction or the disease.

In this workshop we will teach therapists from different backgrounds and methods, different techniques that will enrich their work abilities.

AED 950
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A therapist and an instructor of Anma-Ampuku and body reading, with nearly 3 decades of experience, specialized in both physical and emotional systems of healing arts, with an extend experience in both aspects.
Currently treating and instructing in Paris, Geneva, Madrid, Istanbul and Dubai.
In the last 28 years Nir dedicated himself to the studying of human behavior, he worked in many different establishments and had the chance to observe people in different and sometimes extreme situations in life, Nir did a lot of his studying process observing people in mental institution, that allowed him to see the different elements system in an extreme circumstances, he trained hundreds of students around the world trying to pass them this knowledge.
In his work Nir treat people through body, mind and energy work. Nir uses many methods of work and the main one is: Anma–Ampuku, Body reading and verbal communication. The understanding of human behavior and human evolution helps him create a relatively complete and pragmatic treatment that allows his clients to feel healthy and happy and benefit the maximum from it while adjusting to the life in the 21ST century.
Nir is happy that he has the opportunity to give treatments and classes in different countries around the world, and experience different cultures.