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Lymphasizing Sessions, The True Heart of Your Immune System

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Private sessions with Philip Gruber available from December 4th till December 12th.

We are the first generation to be so 'environmentally challenged', and those of us who live in major cities/urban areas are most at risk! The burden on our immune systems and normal detox pathways are immense, to say the least! We are all at risk until we take back our power!

This is a practical, hands-on technique. This is not manual lymph drainage. This is an energetic technique, far more gentle and vastly more powerful, that not only can detoxify the body safely, but can also cleanse and purify the entire body/mind/spirit system! 


In this very special intensive session, we will focus on boosting your immunity and learn the vital role the LYMPHATICS play in restoring and maintaining for ourselves, and those we hold dear, vibrant, radiant health and well-being. 

Philip will share a very special technique first developed by Dr. C. Samuel West, author of "The Golden Seven Plus One" that has facilitated what many would call 'miraculous' healings.

We also suffer from the ill effects of emotional and mental and astral pollution, that affects not only our health, but our ability to manifest abundance, wealth, and happiness! 

Private sessions are available through the day, from Decemver 4 till 12th. Each session is 75min and 700aed.

Booking is essential. Please call 0565342899 for bookings and email for further information. 

About Phil Gruber
Teacher, Author, Healing Facilitator, Book of Fate Oracle Reader and Harpist

Phil Gruber is acknowledged worldwide as one of the most gifted teachers on the planet at this time. His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him a very popular and in-demand speaker on the international scene. He is acknowledged as a Master Teacher of Sacred Geometry and Light Language, as well as The Master Key, The Mysteries of the Magdalenes, Indigo Children, The Angelic Realms and Advanced Healing Systems.

His ability to teach sophisticated material with grace, ease, and most of all, humor, is legendary. He has been called a ‘magical genius’ with a heart of pure gold. His is a gifted teacher, author, healing facilitator, Book of Fate oracle reader and harpist.

His CD “The Song of Indra” has achieved iconic status in the genre of New Age music, and his first book, a collaboration with James F. Twyman entitled “The Kaballah Code“, has been published by Hay House. Phil has spoken at the United Nations.