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The Truth About Good Health

We pay so much attention to what we wear and how we look, externally. But what about our internal body? We are living in an era where we have all the amenities to our disposal: easy access to whole foods, parks, fitness centers and more. Yet, we are more prone to leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming more processed foods, rich in excess of sugar and salt, more than ever. Statistically, the choices we make for our health are scary today. We’ve been conditioned into believing that processed foods are better and tasty, while healthy foods are not. We are inundated with fad diets and false foods in our environment, which confuses our mind and body. The changing times, require us to make mindset shifts. Good health starts in our mental space, the kitchen and the gym come later. This session will help understand how food influences our mind, triggers certain patterns and develop long-term food habits. Whether it is reaching the targets of weight loss or even achieving good health, we need to win the mental game, first. And this talk, from someone who's done it first hand, will tell you how can achieve your health goals.

This talk/workshop will help the attendees to be able to:
- Realize the real difference between promotional foods and real nutrition
- Understand how the mind influences our eating habits and how can we change it to our benefit.
- Recognize recurring food or health patterns and how can they affect our body
- Choose tools that can easily fit in their lifestyle to make sustainable and long term changes.
- Create success plans for personal health goals and well-being

The session will touch upon five areas, which today affect our mindset around health, food and nutrition.
1. Real nutrition and nourishment for the body and mind
2. Mindful decision-making for your health
3. Recognizing and evaluating patterns and habits
4. Effects of stress and sleep on mindset and health
5. Setting goals, maintaining the will power, and planning for success

This is a free event.
Please email and/or call 0565342899 for further information.

About Priyanka
Priyanka Chopra is certified health and nutrition coach, who practices holistic and natural wellness. Before venturing into health and nutrition, Priyanka has been training and coaching people to maximize performance at work and life. She soon realized that a key ingredient was missing: nourishment - of mind, body and soul. When Priyanka’s health became her calling, she not only changed her lifestyle, leaving behind obesity, through holistic & natural nutrition but also through mindful practices. Having transformed her health, she is now on a journey to making a difference in others' health, through her personal experience and formal education in natural nutrition.

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