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Reiki One Certification


Reiki is a safe, gentle healing technique that can be used either on yourself or on other people. It uses Universal Life Energy or spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage, though it can easily be combined with these.
Reiki works on more than just the physical as it works on all levels, the mental, emotional and spiritual as well as the physical. It also encourages both personal and spiritual growth and promotes the body’s own regenerative self-healing ability.
Through Reiki Level One, you would receive the initial attunement to Reiki, allowing you to receive the healing energy required.

The Reiki One Certification will help you to:
- Heal Yourself by balancing your energy system
- Clear blocks and release sabotaging mental/emotional patterns and belief systems
- Clear the negative energy you pick up through your waking life
- Gain a greater feeling of calmness, peace and expansion through balancing your chakras and empowering your aura
- Obtain greater self-awareness
- Connect with your intuitive nature and psychic skills

An open mind and an open heart
All participants will receive a certificate toward the end of the workshop.
AED 899
Call 0565342899 / email for bookings. Space is limited.


Fadi Sariedine is a Catalyst of Transformation who helps you connect with your true authentic selves and embrace who you are and the life experiences that have shaped you thus far without judgment. Fadi believes that we are complete, abundant and at peace at every given moment and it is through our connection to the inner source of infinite wisdom and power that we can access the fullness of all that we are, and it is Fadi's passion to help you connect with that inner source consistently at all times.
Fadi is a channel, healer, and a spiritual mentor with a clear connection to the Angels, Ascended Masters and the higher realms of consciousness. Fadi’s journey started a few years ago after a visit from Archangel Michael that turned his life around and it is through the work that Fadi does with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters that he intends to bring an inspiring and empowering touch to others.