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Manifestation and Abundance Circle

Manifestation & Abundance Circle

The abundance of the Universe is something that cannot be measured, and beyond our capacity to even conceptualize, but not beyond our ability to manifest! Everyone has the potential to manifest their true heart's desires; for some, these abilities come naturally, for others, it requires, knowledge, practice and the commitment to actualizing our dreams. The deeper mysteries of the Law of Attraction were once reserved for the elite members of secret societies. This is no longer the case, but it requires sincere dedication and practice.

Come join fellow seekers, searchers and kindred souls in experiencing the true magic of the Laws of Abundance and prosperity. It's yours for the asking, but you have to know how to ask!

Phil Gruber is acknowledged world-wide as one of the foremost teachers of Light Language, Sacred Geometry, Secrets and Mysteries of the Magdalenes, the True Nature of Angels and the Structure of Dimensions, Advanced Systems of Healing, the Indigo Children and a host of other exciting subjects. He is one of the most engaging and popular speakers in the world.

His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence have made him a much-loved and highly respected lecturer on the international scene. Phil is featured in the critically acclaimed documentary "The Indigo Evolution", and has spoken on the Magdalene Mysteries at the United Nations. He is co-author, with James Tywman, of "The Kabbalah Code" published by Hay House.

Please call 0565342899 / email for further information and bookings. This workshop costs 170AED