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Inner Dance Immersion and Facilitator Training


Join us for an immersion into the Inner Dance Process whether you wish to deepen your personal soul work through this practice and be introduced to the Inner Dance Energy School and understand its basic frameworks OR you have already experienced Inner Dance before and feel ready to share and learn to facilitate.

INNER DANCE is a transformative self-awakening process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, release work, energy awareness, intuitive remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of bodies, minds and emotions as Energy. Coming to the awareness of this energy connects one deeper to his/her birth vision and brings people to a more strengthened, sustainable and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet assisting this time of accelerated global awakening. It awakens the inner teacher and inner healer accessing the vast intelligence that runs through us all.

This powerful healing modality rooted in ancient Filipino shamanic tradition when Pi Villaraza (Inner Dance global founder) experienced a profound awakening during his 2 years of spiritual pilgrimage while living as a hermit on coconut diet. After years of integration and sharing of this energy system, it has organically become a global movement that it is today.

This immersion and training is a space to learn to trust and surrender to the gifts of intuition and inner wisdom so you could unlearn the layers of conditioning that separates the self to the inter-connectedness of all. Come with an open heart, open mind and allow yourself to journey to the unknown.

About Flordeliza
Having explored a nomadic life of flow as an artist while in her search of physical and emotional healing, she has experienced various healing modalities, initiations and activations from various mentors and kept going deeper into self illuminating journeys. She evolved from someone who lives and breathes creative practices to conceiving ''Creative Alchemy" that offers transformative and creative journeys, ceremonies and retreats.

Her background in Shamanic practices, Sound healing, 5 Elements activation, Tantric practices, Movement therapy, Reiki, Light Code and Voice transmissions, Inner Dance (self-awakening journeys) all contribute to the spaces she holds. After deeply practicing the Inner Dance process for herself and others, she has started the Inner Dance Dubai community to share it to the UAE. She now gives Inner Dance Facilitators' Training and continuous to paint, sing, dance, perform and gather circles in healing and creative sacred spaces. Http://creative

November 23/24/25 - Inner Dance Energy School frameworks, Group experience, Partner works, Group Facilitation, Dialogues - AED 2220 (10am - 6pm free lunch)

Those who are intending to facilitate, must attend the 3 days and at least 3 Inner Dance group or private sessions before.

For more information about the Inner Dance Process, please see