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Meditations from Sufism - Sufi Zikr with Breathwork


Sufi is the celebration of the Heart, it is the taste, it is the fragrance of love. If you once got drunk with the wine of Love, if you felt - even once - Silence to sing softly in your heart, then come in this caravan of untold, silent love story ...

Sufi Zikr with Breathwork Session – We do some selected Sufi Breathing exercises including ‘Zikr’. Among the practices of the Sufis, “Zikr”, or the breathing exercise has the central importance. The Sufi Breathing Exercise is the first step of the some Sufi Orders. Their breathing technique’s can have life-changing effects, they appear to be simple to practice, but its effects can be miraculous.

If someone says, 'Prayer is a very important thing,' people may think, 'Yes, perhaps.' If one says, 'Meditation is a great thing,' people may say: ' Yes, it is something.' But when one says, 'Breathing is a great secret,' the reaction is: 'Why, I have never thought about it. What is it really?

For the mystic or a Sufi breath is that current, which carries the air out and brings the air in. The air is perceptible, not the current; the current is imperceptible. It is a kind of ethereal magnetism, a finer kind of electricity, the current of which goes in and comes out, putting the air into action. This is what the Sufis calls Nafs, which means the self.

We do these techniques to become more awareful of our actions and being and also heartful in our relating with ourselves and higher consciousness/ divine self.

AED 95 (AED 80 for the first timers)
booking is essential. Call 0565342899 or email

Come, come, the roses are in bloom. Come, come, the Beloved has arrived! Rumi.

We are always searching for God afar off, when all the while He is nearer to us than our own soul.
The Sufi learns not only by the study of books but by the study of life. The whole of life is like an open book to a Sufi and every experience is a step forward in one’s spiritual journey. A Sufi would rather learn than teach. A Sufi begins one’s life by discipline and resignation, realizing that the path that leads to the goal of freedom is the path of self-control, patience, resignation and renunciation.
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Prem Amit is a Certified meditation facilitator from OIMR based in Pune, He has deep interests in Sufi Meditation practices and mysticism in Sufism. He is a Hypnotherapist and also Sound Healing practitioner having learnt the healing modality from his Master in Nepal. He also takes individual and group sessions for Meditations, mindfulness, Sound healing, Tantra Practices, Stress relief, Anger Management, Emotional well being and Hypnotherapy.We are always searching for God afar off, when all the while He is nearer to us than our own soul.