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Gong & Kundalini Meditation


Why we all need this meditation?

Transformation begins when combining the three essential elements for human well being, Pranayama, Sound and meditation. After such sessions, people often say that they feel blissful, relaxed and peaceful.

This means that the idividual is healing, releasing stress, and lifting blocked energies.

We begin each session by preparing the body for Gonging and meditation by practicing powerful breathing techniques. A good intake of Prana along with the right breathing techniques has a bounty of benefits from balancing the nervous system, cleansing the blood, regulating the body's pH levels, to stimulating the brain's chemicals.

We are bodies of energy resonating with all of creation, in an endless dance to be in harmony with all that there is. Disharmony is a state of worry, fear, stress and dis-ease. The Sound of the Gong and such sound gadgets restore harmony in a magical way which the science of Cymatics is still exploring and trying understand.

Sound is then followed by Kundalini Yoga meditations which in a staggering time of 11 minutes trigger changes at the cellular level.

Mudras, eyes focus, visualization, chanting and mantras are used to enhance the benefits of meditation.

Every week, we have a different team.
95AED per person (80AED for first timers)
Please book your space in advance.

About your meditator Elizabeth:
Elizabeth's journey with yoga and sound started 15 years ago when her neglected and overworked body started rebelling. Change or stay in the endless cycle of the modern (un)-health care, were her choices. Daily practice of Hatha Yoga at home made a U turn in her life. Severe problems with her thyroid, digestion, kidneys, knees and early menopause were one by one cured, proving the magical ability of the body to heal itself if is maintained and cared for.

While she moved from one country to other, she learned more about the yoga and the sound. She studied Tomatis sound therapy, Dr. Tomatis being the pioneer on proving and applying the sound as the ultimate energy form, crucial in fetus/human development and healing.

Elizabeth is certified in Tomatis ASP therapy, German New Medicine by Dr. Hammer, Ritual Trance Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Gong playing. She can communicate in Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, English, French and she understand a bit of Czech and Turkish.