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Victorious Creation Workshop


Did you ever experience a moment when you wished for something and miraculously out of nowhere it just magically appeared in front of you? Wouldn’t it be so awesome if you can create and receive so seamlessly at all times!
Whether you are fresh on your journey of uncovering the secrets of the Law of Attraction or whether you would like to hone in and develop your manifestation skills further then this workshop of Conscious Creation and Manifestation is for you.
During this detailed workshop we delve into the steps that you can take to ensure that you receive the outcome desired, how to expand beyond your current limits and align yourself and receive what is your highest good, and where we get to finally clarify your role as compared to the role of God and the
Universe in the creation process.

What Results You Can Expect
- Understanding the Process of Creation
- Clarity of Your Role and the Role of God & the Universe
- How to Open Yourself to Receive More of What You Desire
- Gain Awareness of Unconscious Interference Impacting What You Receive
- Understanding the Power of Expectations and Surrender
- Awareness of How to Co-Create with the Divine
- Aligning Your Life with Your Highest Good

Please call 0565342899 or email for bookings. 999AED per person includinf coffee break.

Later Event: November 11
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