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Empowered Love Formula, Free Talk


1000’s of Relationships worldwide have been saved when watching the FREE online master class. Nicola is going to deliver this live in Dubai. This FREE talk has a 98% Success Rate in Improving Relationships

What You Will Learn:
Learn 3 Simple Secrets that will Strengthen Your Relationship, YES! even if you’re the only one trying!

- Restore the intimate connection and revitalise your loving bond!
- Understand exactly why traditional Marriage Counseling doesn’t work!
- If you are single or dating and are not finding the right matches, this will be useful too.

We can't wait to share the 3 secrets with you

Please call 0565342899 / email for bookings.

Nicola Beer is a Relationship & Connection Specialist and founder of the Empowered Love Formula. Best-selling author in 4 books and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network, Huffington Post, Wall Street Select. Nicola has helped hundreds of couples to increase the love, happiness & passion in their marriage through her online and Dubai based programs As well as guided countless men and women on how to heal and create a new life after divorce for them and their children.

Nicola grew up in a household full of tension, stress and a string-of affairs. There was little love, happiness and peace. Experiencing this pain, Nicola's passion has been to help others through difficult emotionally stressful times. Starting with a crisis helpline in the UK (Samaritans) for 3 years, then setting up her own practice in Dubai, where she has lived for 10 years.

You can find out more about Nicola by visiting her websites:
Strengthening Relationships:
Divorce Support:
Marriage Support

Nicola works with people from all over the world in private online 1-to-1 sessions, 5-star marriage retreats or via her online programs.