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Free Past Life Meditation


Have you been an astronaut? A pioneer? An actress, or a former king? Would you like to find out? Discovering your past life can be fun. It's easy, relaxing, and you don't need a Hollywood hypnotherapist to go exploring!

The most important lifetime is the one you are living now. We have the veil of forgetfulness put on us so that we can focus on one lifetime at a time. We are here to grow as the personality in the current life we are living now. Who we were before is not nearly as important as whom we are now. We are here to experience. Our past lives do affect us in this lifetime, and at the same time, this lifetime has influence on other lifetimes, past, present and future.

It is beneficial and healing to use the wisdom we gain from uncovering our other lives to empower and heal your soul in the here and now.

This Journey will transport you to an other dimension ,to an other version of you which needs your attention so that you can take the healing, love and understanding and create a current life with more ease and joy.

FREE EVENT. Please contact 0565342899 or email for bookings and further inquiries.