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Starting Your Business in Dubai - The Hassle


Dubai is known as the land of opportunities and many entrepreneurs invest their life savings to start a business without knowing the do’s and don’ts of starting a business in Dubai.  

Rob Goddard, CEO of advisory firm EvolutionCBS who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, will provide some essential and inspirational insights into creating and running a successful business.

Rob will cover topics as mentioned below:

  • Creating a sustainable business model
  • Diversifying your business
  • Doing business in UAE may be different to your home market
  • Laws related to starting a business in Dubai.
  • Dealing with market competition
  • Preparing for an exit strategy

This talk is advisable to all business owners, or executives or business students who would like to learn the basics of starting a business in Dubai. We call the passionate business minded people to attend this free workshop on 2nd November 2017, Thursday at 8am in the secret garden of Life’n One, located in Jumeirah 1.

More About Rob:
Investor, international speaker and published author, Rob has spoken with over 15,000 business owners and as an Owner/Manager himself, knows the often challenging issues SMEs face.
With over 35 years experience within both private business and corporate life, in senior positions, Rob has an enviable array of commercial experiences. This spans a wide range of sectors including; Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Wealth Management, Management Consultancy, B2B Sales & Marketing Management, Insurance and Banking.
He runs a successful Mergers & Acquisition brokerage in both the UK & Dubai and since 2002 has been responsible for the sale of 340 privately-owned UK businesses, totaling over £2 billion in transaction values. A total which is added to most months!