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Gravitational Waves & The Future of Space Exploration


Join us as we discuss the meaning of gravitational waves and analyse the significance of their detection in the recent collision of two neutron stars with American theoretical physicist, Mark Jackson. We’ll also be discussing the future of the human race in space and the importance of space exploration.

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Guest Bio:
Mark Jackson is Founder & CEO of Fiat Physica; BDO at Cambridge Quantum Computing; and Core Faculty member at Singularity University. Mark recently organized the Dawn of Private Space Science symposium bringing together leading scientists, foundations, corporations, policy makers, and commercial spacelines under one roof to create opportunities for scientific research in space. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the BoldlyGo Institute, a non-profit founded to address compelling scientific questions.

About Cafe Sci:
Cafe Scientifique is a social meet up group that meets to discuss the latest ideas in science and technology. The idea is to talk science, but outside an academic setting. The first Cafes Scientifique in the UK were held in Leeds in 1998. From there, cafes gradually spread across the UK and the rest of the World.

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