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Manifest Your Dreams Meditation


Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.” ~Robert Collier

This guided meditation will take you on a wonderful journey into the future where you will learn to use the power of your mind to manifest the life of your dreams and create a better future for yourself.

You will go into a special state of consciousness, helping you to get more focused and have a clearer vision of how you want your dream life to look like. With all its details and feelings and emotions in all aspects of your life!

Your Life Script is in your hands! Your Life is only a manifestation of your beliefs! Take charge of your reality by creating new beliefs! And meditation is the easiest way to do that! Come and learn how! After the meditation, you will use a piece of real clay to create you manifestation tool!

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