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Private Tarot Cards Reading Sessions


There is a story behind her being a Tarot Card Reader.
In Rajneeshpuram U.S.A. (1983) - One day, she got message from her master Osho that she should start giving Tarot card Readings to people.
Since she did not know anything about Tarot, she said "NO way! How could I read for people? I don't know anything about it."
Then He blessed her and said, "You will be able to help people. From Not knowing, you will know through your psychic and intuitive power." And then onward, the journey started with inner exploration, information for mind body:

Aruna uses RIDER WAITE TAROT CARDS for reading.
Using The Ancient Wisdom of Tarot, she receives the answers from the symbolic pictures shown on the Tarot cards. Her whole purpose is to help people, who seek to grow into their higher level of Conscious Living.

In order to help the seeker, she allows herself to be an empty vessel, tune into the unseen issues, assist to resolve the problem and clear up the clouds of confusion with further guidance.

During the sessions, in the harmony with the customers energy, Aruna uses Taro(t) cards as a medium. The layout of the cards works as a mirror. This unified energy helps you to dive into your subconscious and bring the hidden unseen or ignored issues to reflect on the surface. Once the question becomes clear.. the answer also appears through the pictures in cards.

The length of each session : 45 minutes.

Readings available :
1. Self awareness growth
2. Love and relationship
3. Marriage and family
4. Career and Business
5. Questions & answers
6. Past influence, present and future guidance

650AED per session. Booking is essential.
Please call 0565342899.