Life’n One offers a unique setting for corporate events.

Take advantage of our hidden oasis: inside the center, we have several group rooms and a rooftop available.

In the cafe area, book our garden and air-conditioned tent for a magical team event. Learn more about our cafe offering.

Corporate trainings and sessions packages are also available from our professional team to foster relaxation, team bonding, and soft skills improvements:

  • Group meditation

  • Sound healing

  • Motivational talks

  • Soft skills workshops

  • Team bonding exercises 

Life’n One is also able to facilitate an international visitor to facilitate a session. Learn more about our international visitors.


Certificates will be provided by Life'n One, Grey Matter and High Growth UK


Core 7


Women In Leadership (Step up, Grow and Be)

  • Bring awareness to who you are, Gender, Role or Self 
  • Finding independent purpose that meaningful for you
  • Stepping up the ladder of leadership 
  • Dealing with politics 
  • Find role models 
  • Dealing with gender and cultural based challenges 

Shortcuts (Faster, Easier, Mindfull Entrepreneurship's Success)

  • So you are an entrepreneur 
  • What you don't know!
  • Shortcut 1: Starting your business
  • Shortcut 2: Marketing that works
  • Shortcut 3: Your team 
  • Shortcut 4: Managing time 
  • Shortcut 5: Trust 
  • Shortcut 6:  Challenges 
  • Shortcut 7: When to quit and when to continue 
  • Shortcut 8: What's after your first million 

Happiness, Wellbeing and Stress Management (How to live longer, happier and have time for what matters) 

  • Is it doable? 
  • Getting rid of brain noise 
  • Happiness framework 
  • Managing your body 
  • Remaining Stress 
  • How to quit and start again 

Liberating Time (Better achievements and quality living) 

  • Managing time 
  • What can we learning from computers algorithms 
  • Time management plan 
  • Making more time by spending time 

Presenting with Impact (Leave your audience in Awe) 

  • Mastering Body, Voice and Space 
  • Engaging audience in seconds 
  • Designing an effective message 
  • Dealing with confidence and difficult situation or people 

Train the Trainer (Get certified and start your career)

  • Trainer Role 
  • Learning Theory
  • Training Millenials
  • Facilitating exercises
  • Making learning effective 
  • Presenting with Impact 

Authentic Service (Get you client loyality and love)

  • Why authenticity is the future (Yale University) 
  • Going back to the three basic attitude 
  • Working your process through attitudes
  • Dealing with situations 
  • Role Plays

Team Building Services

  • We can help you develop your team to the next level
  • We can entertain your events 
  • We can motivate and energise your team 
  • Our service is tailor made.