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Alexandra, founder of Inner Self Consultancy is certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapists ABH, California Hypnosis Institute of India CHII, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation EKAA), Integrated Clinical Hypnosis Teacher (EKAA), Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist (The Weiss Institute, Brain Weiss), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, QHHT 2, Dolores Cannon), Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Master (ABNLP), Time Line Therapy, Coaching to Excellence, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Ham-Sa Yogini and Theta Healing Teacher (Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge THINK). As her passion, Alexandra also teaches Astral Travel, remote viewing and psychic abilities workshops.




Aparajita has been teaching yoga since 2008. Over the years she has practiced different styles, Bikram, Bihar School of Yoga, Iyengar Yoga. She did her teacher’s training in yoga point in Nasik and has then continued training in the Iyengar style of yoga which focuses on alignment and safe effective ways to do the postures. She has attended workshops with senior teachers like Geeta Iyengar, Manuso Manos, and also practiced in the Iyengar Institute in Pune. She has a regular meditation practice. Her classes are fun and approachable, with attention to alignment, breath and maintaining mindfulness through the practice. 




Dilyara is the Tibetan singing bowls practitioner certified by Sound Planetarium in Nepal and was initiated by Tibetan monks from whom she learned ancient healing techniques and sound wisdom.
Dilyara has been practicing sound therapy for over four years between Dubai, Moscow and Kazakhstan, working with both men and women ranging in age from early teens to late 70s. Her knowledge and education is scientifically based, yet infused with ancient Eastern wisdom and is complemented with shamanic practices and knowledge that she acquired from her voyages in South America.




Elif Aydin Cinar, 37 years old architect, living and working in Dubai since 2006. After healing from cancer her life started to head to a different direction. Since Elif completed 200 hours teacher training at Kaya Yoga School, her aim is to support women and create awareness around cancer. Elif’s practice is structured around short meditations, affirmations, breathing through vayu’s which are our vitality pockets in our body. The yoga poses we practice always depend on the participants conditions however she chooses the therapeutic, simple and mindful movements in order to feel every cell of our body.




Elizabeth's journey with yoga and sound started 15 years ago when her neglected and overworked body started rebelling. Change or stay in the endless cycle of the modern (un)-health care, were her choices. Daily practice of Hatha Yoga at home made a U turn in her life. Severe problems with her thyroid, digestion, kidneys, knees and early menopause were one by one cured, proving the magical ability of the body to heal itself if is maintained and cared for.
While she moved from one country to another, she learned more about the yoga and the sound. She studied Tomatis sound therapy, Dr. Tomatis being the pioneer on proving and applying the sound as the ultimate energy form, crucial in fetus/human development and healing.
Elizabeth is certified in Tomatis ASP therapy, German New Medicine by Dr. Hammer, Ritual Trance Dance, Kundalini Yoga and Gong playing. She can communicate in Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, English, French and she understand a bit of Czech and Turkish.




Glory is a certified ThetaHealing® Master & Instructor. She got introduced to ThetaHealing® in 2010. After experiencing its remarkable benefits on herself & others, Glory made the positive change to becoming an all-time practitioner, healer & instructor, and have not looked back since then.
Today Glory works with people from all segments and backgrounds from all over the world, to reach their true potential through healing and teaching, offering one on one individual sessions, Skype sessions, classes and transformations.




Jane Stark is a Hale Clinic (London) certified instructor and a devoted expert on self-awareness. Ph.D. on World Economy, she has always been interested not only in how to manage the sources surrounding humanity, but also in what truly moved people from within. She has studied family constellations (Dr. Hellinger), Slavonic methods of self-actualization, and yoga, and has conducted a consciousness development Indian game called "Leela" for 6 years. She is fond of music (singing), photography, painting (, and dancing. Her hobbies include traveling, pilotage, and linguistics (Jane speaks Russian, English, Italian, French, and a little bit of German and Arabic). Before moving to Dubai, Jane lived in St. Petersburg and Brussels.




Teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga, January weaves health-giving benefits in her postural alignments and deep connection to the inner self with meditation and pranayama practices incorporated in each and every class. January studied with Erica Blitz (Vinyasa Flow), Srivatsa Ramaswami (Sri Krishnamacharya's longest standing student for Vinyasa Krama), Tiffany Cruikshank (Yogamedicine) and Sally Parkes (Pre/Postnatal Yoga) in Dubai, the UK and the US.
With a devotion and deep spiritual inspiration for Pregnancy/Prenatal yoga, January studied under Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa to bring The Khalsa Way Prenatal Class to Dubai for the first time, teaching a very unique Kundalini-inspired class.




Over the past 25 years, May-Britt has been working in the field of holistic health and personal development. She has a background and is certified in Craniosacral Therapy, ICF and ILM Life Coach, Naturopathy, 3in1 Kinesiology, Personality Consultant and yoga. May-Britt is currently training in Family Constellation with the world class psychologist Svagito, which will be part of her repertoire later this year. She has been fortunate to work with many wonderful people from many different cultures. She has working and living experience in Africa, the Middle East and Europe and is currently based in Dubai. At Life’n One, May-Britt can work with you to create a sustainable life and be the best version of yourself.




The learn-to-swim instructor Mehmet Vefa is an Austswim accredited instructor from Sydney, Australia. He uses a learn-to-swim program catering for children of all ages and abilities. It's a transparent and structured program setting pathways for a variety of swimmers and non-swimmers with differing goals and commitments. The program he applies is well defined, scientifically sound and focus on areas of water familiarisation, water safety, correct stroke technique, basic rescue skills and personal development of each child. He is a former Galatasaray Sports Club swimmer and water polo player, open water swimmer, and a lifeguard accredited from Sydney Royal Life & Surf Life Saving Society. Most important of all he is always in search of alternative ways to spread the love of water and swimming and he's good with kids!




Natalia is well experienced, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Instructor in ancient Taoist Sacral Feminine energy/longevity practices. With eight years of experience, her global workshops, private sessions, and consultations awaken women to empower their lives through the mastery of personal health, wellness, sexual vitality, practices of conscious connection and sacred love.
Natalia has a background that includes studies in various forms of exercising to strengthen Yoni muscles and healing bodywork modalities. She has had extensive training and certifications by numerous legendary teachers such as Lin Bao, Mantek Chia, Michael Roach, Shiv Charan Singh, and others.




Nina stone mends the subconscious mind with a tranquil mind and a wiser spirit. When you meet Nina, you will notice that she gleams with a zest for life. Name the sport, for sure she has tried it. Not only will she try it out, she will always aim to be the best at it. 

When she discovered her passion for capoeira, her obsession led to the pursuit of becoming the first female professor in the entire middle east. Two times NCCP fitness champion in USA. The exotic Brazilian / Iranian left home at 17 and traveled far and wide. Fueled by adrenaline and financially supported by being a professional capoeira instructor, personal trainer, Samba dancer, and Tarot card reading that was thought to her by family. Through this perfect combination she gained immeasurable knowledge in movement and body language in a multicultural space. 

Over the years, she became obsessed with subconscious mind and the effects it has on creating our patterns, behaviors and controlling our lives and shamanism the study of all the elements and communicating with earth, animal’s spirits and different dimensions to help people. she took courses related shamanism, faster eft, energy clearing , entity clearing techniques in countries like Brazil , Hawaii , India , Iran and South Africa. 

For the full changing of a subconscious patterns and its effect to set in, Nina suggests a recipe of 10 sessions. One session is only 45 minutes. But with only one session, you will already feel a change.

 Oxana Kravets at Life'n One


REIKI / ThetaHealing®

Oxana is a certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. She got introduced to Reiki in 2010 and experienced miraculous healing on herself, since then she became dedicated Reiki practitioner and spent 3 years with her Master. She continue this journey of healing by becoming certified Yoga instructor and ThetaHealing® instructor. 

Today Oxana is full time healer and yoga therapist, she use these skills to facilitate individuals in working through physical, emotional, mental challenges and spiritual transformation.




Prem Amit is a certified meditation facilitator from OIMR in Pune, He has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops since 5 years. He is also part of the UAE Meditates organizing team under which free community meditations are organized for the community in Dubai since 4 years. He offers different meditation practices to the community at large through diverse techniques which includes breathwork, bodywork, sound, dance and even laughter. He is also a certified Hypnotherapist with deep interests in Sufi meditation practices and also Tantra practices. Prep conducts individual and group sessions for Meditations, mindfulness, relaxation, Stress relief, Anger Management, Emotional well being. Being a sufi by heart he practices and shares these experiences and learnings with the community at large thus creating awareness for spirituality through actual practice.

Prem Amit has also been conducting sound healing meditations including personalized sound healing sessions in Dubai. He has been trained by his master from Nepal in Kathmadu valley including Sound Vibration training with Manan Sharma. Two bowls set of the tibetian singing bowls are used for his meditation. One which are specially hand made and hand picked by his master to be made of seven metals by the tibetian lama family and other being made by Manan Sharma in collaboration with Peter Hess Institute based on Germany. The sound and vibrations created through these tools heal the body and are backed scientifically.




Since childhood, moving and dancing have always been essential parts of Ruth’s life. Twenty years ago, pilates was added to this.
In 2005, Ruth started teaching dance classes for children and adults. In 2012, she certified as a Nia teacher and in 2015 as a comprehensive pilates instructor. Since then, she has been teaching pilates on mat, reformer, tower, and jumpboard. As a pilates instructor, Ruth focuses on realigning, balancing and healing your body and its energy by moving mindfully and with grace, taking your awareness to your breathing, and teaching you the joy of movement.




Born and raised in Germany, Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and in Customs. Through travels and volunteering work, Sarah has developed the ability to interact and communicate with people from various backgrounds and beliefs. Sarah has a keen interest in understanding individuals and society and issues caused by trauma. Sarah does Reiki, NLP, Pranic, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Aura and Chakra Reading, NLP, meditation, and workshops. She strongly believes that living in complete peace and joy is every human's birthright and loves her job as it shows her that human transformation to a higher consciousness is possible.




Vibhu has spent most of her life studying art, education, therapy, yoga and
meditation. She is a certified life coach, educator and therapist. She recently
established Integrated Mind to enrich people through the power of
integrity, which is establishing a connection between the conscious and the
unconscious to create complete physical, emotional and neurological
She specialises in eastern psychotherapy, techniques of self-awareness and
yogic science, she teaches yoga and meditation to bring inner
transformation by developing emotional coherence and physical balance.
As an educator and therapist she passionately works with children and
youth facing issues such as phobias, mood swings, bullying, depression,
self-harm and have assisted many through recovery from the inability to
focus, lack of confidence and anxiety. She incorporate self-exploration and
mindfulness into her work with children and young adults.
She believes in the power of thinking, power of words, power of feeling and
power of living!




Zeina is a certified Stott Pilates instructor and a Total Barre instructor. She likes to incorporate all dance styles by designing moves to a balanced playlist including Electro-Swing, Old School, Raggaeton, Latin, Bollywood, Belly Dance, etc... She takes inspiration from her dance training, and adds Belly Dancing, Twist, Salsa or Jazz moves to her class routine. Having fun during workout is crucial, fitness should not be torturous. You can expect a low intensity, dynamic and energized workout session and to break a sweat!