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True Abundance

 True Abundance with Bart Smyth at Life'n One Dubai

True Abundance clears the path to effortless flow. You reveal what is known, unknown, unknowable or unseen, and, in this revelation, you learn that your actions and choices, be they positive or negative for your life, were absolutely in alignment and necessary each moment of your life.

Once this is known, your intelligence drops, both automatically and effortlessly, self criticism and sabotage born in these moments, as well as, the accumulation of stress and struggle through time. A new sense of ease and confidence is born which grows and expands as you go forward!

Freedom to give and receive is sweet, and it is You who holds the key!

Price: AED 1950
Please contact 0565342899 or for bookings and further inquiries.

About Bart Smyth:
A Father of 6, Shaman, teacher/trainer, Coach, Master practitioner of the Yuen Method, Grand Master of Tai Chi/Qi Gong. He was initiated in the Shipibo tradition of Shamanic healing in 1997. He holds certificates in a variety of complimentary therapies including, neuro muscular training, Hansa and Thai shiatsu, acupressure, chiropractic, sports massage, homeopathy, herbs and nutrition. Bart is also a Certified Master Dog trainer working with all animals using kindness and a keen intuition.

Bart began his conscious healing process in 1987 when he was 32 but his healing gifts began to revealed themselves throughout his teenage and early adult life. His previous career was in construction and Bart was able to release pain, headaches and hangovers from his carpenters and friends.

Bart has healed his own traumatic brain injuries, issues from pain medications, alcohol, smoking, spinal injuries and built a practice assisting well over 45 thousand people in the past 27 years. His business spans the globe, mostly built by word of mouth.

Bart comes with a knowing that you heal yourself, as he has been guided to heal himself. His work is full spectrum, fast and often with instant results which he demonstrates in his group healings and talks. His programs are fun, informative and effective!

In addition to his transformational courses, he gives private sessions both in person and on Skype or phone.

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