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Free Arabic Talk - حرر نفسك من رأي الآخرين - Free yourself


نحن لا نرى الأشياء كما هي. ونحن نرى الأشياء كما نحن - Anais Nin
نحن نعيش دائما في الخوف
أننا لسنا جميلة بما فيه الكفاية
أن ليس لدينا أفضل سيارة أفضل حقيبة يد أفضل الملابس أفضل تعليم أفضل منزل
هناك دائما شيء ناقص
تعال و تعلم كيف تكون حرر من هذا الخوف

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. – Anais Nin

At some point in life becoming an adult , we lose the ability to be free in ourselves because the fear of being un-liked, unwanted, unattractive, or unworthy is too great to overcome.

We learn the rules of engagement for socialization and we start to judge and accept judgement from others. Negative judgement is a death sentence to our self-esteem. Better to be invisible than judged negatively by our peers.

Come and learn simple techniques how to free yourself from this fear and start living a life that is yours!

Free Talk
For further information and bookings, please call 0565342899 / email

She is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP practitioner and Aura Photography Reader.
She conducts private session in addition to various workshops all over Dubai which are fun, deep and educative at the same time.
She believes that we all have the ability within us to free ourselves from the burden that weights us down, reach out to the purity and
peace deep inside and fill our hearts and souls with love and forgiveness.
She has a mission to proof and teach people that happiness is a simple inside job and that life should be filled with joy!

Later Event: May 11
True Abundance