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Weekly Meditation Sessions


Life'n One is pleased to offer an array of meditation sessions most days of the week featuring one of the following meditation techniques and practices at 7:30PM.

The Gong is said to be a real engine of power, more powerful than any other musical instrument. The energy that is revealed from a Gong is not just a mere fundamental tone, but it is supposed to be a great wave. When played properly, the Gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics that are based on pressure waves of sound, which vibrate the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance. The sound of the Gong recalibrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and raises the frequency of your electromagnetic field (aura).

Sufi is the celebration of the Heart, it is the taste, it is the fragrance of love. 
Meditations/Techniques that may be included are Meditation of the Heart, Gibberish, Sufi Circling/Whirling, Meditation of Darkness, Who Am I & I am, Sufi Sacred Movements, Hoo and other Sufi chants.
We practice these techniques to become more aware of our actions and being and also intimate in our relating with ourselves and higher consciousness/ divine self.
Muraqaba is the Sufi word for meditation. It implies that with meditation, a person watches over or takes care of his spiritual heart (or soul), and acquires knowledge about it, its surroundings, and its creator.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient healing technology, about 3000 years old, used for stimulating brain waves and creating a pulsation of sound to entrain our brain. Singing bowls have relaxing hypnotic effect as they slow brain waves and induce deep meditative state.
The most basic element of the human being is the cell. The simplest way of communicating with the cells is through vibration. When tapping a singing bowl on the human body which consists of more than 70% of water, the vibration transmitted cause the cell to resonate. The bowls vibrations are soothing enough to calm the nervous system yet powerful enough to travel deep into the body to penetrate the bones.

For a truly amazing meditative and healing experience, try a sound bath with beautiful alchemy crystal bowls. The sounds surround you with their powerful healing tones and immediately allow you to experience your multi-dimensional selves, tune your chakras and relax your mind. This allows for greater expansion of your being and allows for healing and transformation.