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Learn the Ancient Wisdom of Tarot Cards

October 13 & 14 - 11am & 5 pm (coffee breaks included)
1950aed for 2 days
1100aed for 1 day attendance (only friday)

What Is Tarot ?

  • Tarot  is an Ancient Wisdom reflecting the Mirror of the Soul.    
  • There are 78 cards in a deck with symbolic pictures /colours and objects.
  • Tarot, while clearing the pending issues, it works as a light to be the  guide on your life path - It helps to develop your psychic abilities and intuitive power
  • It unlocks the hidden issues/blockages of the chakras to shifts the energy towards the higher perception.
  • Through Tarot, you can understand  the secrets of the Universal Law
  • Numerology (science of Life) in combination with Tarot (psychic power), brings out accurate answers to the questions.

Astrological signs are also significantly applicable in the Tarot reading. With the help of these combined  powers, you can gain the higher knowledge and easily overcome the obstacles with deep understanding.

What is this workshop including?

  • Explaining  the complete picture language of total 78 cards (Rider Waite Tarot cards); 22 Major Arcana Cards, 16 Court cards, 40 Minor Arcana cards
  • Elements on the cards reflect on: Wands (fire),Cups (water), Swords(air), Pentacles (earth)
  • Explaining the Symbols and the Colours shown on the cards  and how they effect in your life. 

Each Tarot Symbol serves as a strong medium in this journey of our higher understanding, understanding the connection between the numbers and the planets in the Tarot cards.

Practicing various layouts:

  • Element reading: How your energy is functioning through the four elements
  • Traditional layout of the Tarot card reading
  • Chakra reading
  • Rainbow layout to receive the answer of the individual topics or the question

This workshop had limited capacity and booking is essential.
Please call 0565342899 /

About Aruna:

There is a story behind her being a Tarot Card Reader. In Rajneeshpuram U.S.A. (1983) - One day, she got message from her master Osho that she should start giving Tarot card Readings to people. Since she did not know anything about Tarot, she said "NO way! How could I read for people? I don't know anything about it."
Then Osho blessed her and said, "You will be able to help people. From Not knowing, you will know through your psychic and intuitive power." And then onwards, the journey started with inner exploration.

Private sessions with Aruna are available too: 
45min - 650aed (on 12th, 15th)
12th and 15th full day from 10am on